Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Temple Square Lights!

Me and Chris went with his family up to temple square on saturday to see the lights. It wasn't as cold outside as some years which was really good! The lights were very pretty and there were a lot of them but not as many as past years when I have gone. We then walked around and decided to go to dinner. They decided to go to Pat's BBQ. Im game for anything especially if it involves meat! Well, we get to the place and holy cow I thought that if I left my car outside it would get stolen. We were kind of in the ghetto of SLC. Haha It was more a shack than a resturant. But, the food was so so so good! I would recommend it to anyone that likes BBQ's. 

I will get pictures of my toe up soon!

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Rappleye Family said...

hey!! how did you meet this boy? I am happy for ya!!! We are doing Christmas Temple Square lights tomorrow!!