Monday, June 28, 2010


My family got to go to California for 4 days and man was it fun! We rented a van so that we all could go in one car. There were seven of us that went. We went down for my cousin Katie's wedding who got married in the Newport Beach Temple which is a beautiful temple. We got to see the beach and also go to Disneyland for a day! I got over my fear of rollercoasters!! I now love them! I wish I could have stayed longer at disneyland but it was so fun. The drive was so worth it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Forgot!


Monday, June 7, 2010

AmAzInG RaCe!!!

Tonight for Fhe our ward had our own amazing race! It was quite fun. We had to drive around and find these certain locations and take pictures of them. We also had to keep our mileage down or we would get docked points and if we missed a landmark we would get docked points etc. We got lots of pics. Here are a few of them:

Grand Canyon Trip!!

Me and my dad went on our first real big motorcycle trip of the season to the Grand Canyon, Zions, Bryce and Capitol Reef national parks! Wow it was so so fun! We took three days to see everything and I want to go back and do some hikes into zions and bryce canyons. The best way to see a national park is by motorcycle! You get to see everything feel the breeze and just get to be apart of nature. One of the coolest things was going through the rock tunnels at Zions. That was pretty sweet. Bryce Canyon was also really neat to see all the rock formations and its amazing to me how water and weather created such things! It's amazing to me how beautiful the world is. I love living so close to nature. If it were my way I would live out there in these amazing canyons. We got to the North rim of the Grand Canyon and hiked alittle bit out to the lookout point and WOW is all I can say. The Grand Canyon is huge! They shouldn't have named it "Grand Canyon" they should have named it GINORMOUS Canyon!! It was so neat to see it and it was so green everywhere.