Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girls Weekend Get-away!!

This weekend me and Megan decided that we needed a little vacation. We decided to go to my cabin for the weekend. And can I say it was amazing! We got to do anything we wanted. First we read books, watched movies, slept and slept some more! It was fantastic. We also played a sweet game of Bingo and won a prize! The prize was fake jewelry, and of course we had to try it on. We went into town and found this little old play town and took some pictures. We also went to this little pastry store and bought a ton of food. which by the way was incredible. I think I ate more sugar this weekend than I have in years. It was so nice to be away from all the chaos in our lives. It was so quiet up there in the mountains and the weather was the best.

We got creative with our new jewelry! The braclets didn't fit our wrists so they got put on our ears! haha