Thursday, May 31, 2012

All about May!!

May has been a very busy and fun month for us! For starters we have been married for a YEAR!!!! It has been the best year! So, Chris surprised me with a weekend get away to a bed and breakfast in Logan, Utah! It was so fun. The bed and breakfast was so cute and so comfortable. We went to the temple and walked around and walked around the town a bit and ate at the bluebird cafe which was amazing!! We went to bear lake, I had never been to bear lake it was so pretty. We had to get milkshakes because they are famous for the milkshakes up there. They were delicious :D We also went to a cheese factory and pepperidge farms and when we got out of the car in the parking lot it smelled like the goldfish crackers! It was such a fun relaxing vacation. My husband is the best! He did all the planning and made it the best one year anniversary gift!!!

For my dads birthday I made him a harley davidson cake! It turned out pretty good!

Sarah and I signed up to do the women's speed triathlon! I did it!! It was amazing! I had so much fun. I would recommend it to anyone!!

We then got to go down to Manti for a friends wedding! The temple is so beautiful!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A couple weekends ago Sarah let us come over on the most beautiful day to see her bunnies!! They are the cutest things I have ever seen. I want one so bad..but, I don't know where I would keep it. And Chris doesn't want animals in the house so, I guess I'm out of luck right now. haha I loved holding them and it was so cute that they would all cuddle up next to you. Her rabbit had 9 babies! She said that, that's a lot for her kind of rabbit to have! They are so precious!