Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yes, I am finally writing a new post! Its been months and I'm sorry. Either I was just lazy, I really didn't have anything exciting happening but I finally have something to talk about! So, Erica a girl I work with has a sweet condo on 800 n in orem. And I heard that she was looking for a roommate. So, I asked her about it and of course she said yes I could move in if I wanted too. So, I thought about it and decided it was time again to move out of the parentals house. I moved in yesterday and spent all day walking up the 4 flights of stairs with all my stuff. Wow did I get a work out. I was so tired it sounded like I had just run a marathon. but I had only gone up those stairs like 10 times. haha Anyway I'm all settled in now and the condo is decorated so cute. I love how clean it is. Here are some pics of my new place.