Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Ordinary

This week has been so different then all the weeks lately. Of course I have worked which is ordinary but, I did have a minor foot procedure done on tuesday and man did it hurt afterwards..yes, yes it sure did. Today is the the third day and its still sore.  But, I can say that its not as sore as it was. I can actually walk a tiny bit faster with a limp. Hopefully it will turn the corner and stop throbbing. (I hate feeling my heartbeat in my foot.) Pictures to come... :)

I also got to go to the Utah Flash basketball game tuesday night and that was really fun. Since the team doctors are doctors I work with we get alot of benifits. It's great! Awesome seats, food provided. Tons of fun even though they did lose tuesday.

So remember when I had braces on for like ever...Well, I went to the orthedontist on wed. because I was concerned that one of my teeth is migrating and we cant have that since I want my teeth to be straight and took a lot of tears to get them where they are today. Well, Dr. Graf jokingly said "Hey, lets put braces back on ya!" I was like um..NO.  I get to wear the lovely retainers again for a while! Yippee..not. But I definitely will do it to get my tooth back into shape.

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Rachel said...

I need a retainer too to fix my bottom teeth! I need to figure out when I'm going to get it though...I'm thinking summertime since my dentist is in Boise. :) I'm excited to see pictures of you procedure!