Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disneyland Trip!

Can I say how much I love Disneyland!! It is the happiest place, funnest place ever! To start off our trip my mom  took us to the airport so we wouldn't have to leave our car there. While we were driving my mom was telling us how she always misses the airport exit. We just laughed and made sure she didn't miss the first airport exit off of I-15. Well, low and behold she misses the next exit off of the 215...haha I couldn't believe it! That is going into the books mother!

So we get to LAX and get to fly over the ocean for a bit before landing which was really cool to see the coastline. We get on our shuttle that is waiting for us and we drive in L.A rush hour to what we thought was our hotel. We learned really fast that it was not the correct hotel. The guy at the counter said it was 2 miles north of the hotel we were at. So, Chris and I thought, we can walk it wont be that bad. Well, After walk and walking and walking some more and crossing freeways etc...We were beginning to think we were lost. So, we call home to Chris' parents to see if they can tell where we are. They told us we were really close so we kept walking. We finally get to our hotel 1 1/2 hours later and after walking 4 miles. Man we were tired and hungry. But, we made it!
It was Chris first time at Disneyland and he loved it! Our first ride we went on was Space Mountain! That is definitely the best ride and now is Chris' favorite!
That flash at the end of the ride gets ya every time!

We got to meet Mickey Mouse!!

California Adventure is showing this new production called World of Color! It was the most amazing water and color show I have ever seen! Amazingly done!

More Disneyland pics in next post!

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