Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I got to go with my sisters and mother in laws to witches night out at gardner village! We all dressed up and went up and I think my favorite part was seeing almost everyone dressed up. It's amazing how people go all out and make their costumes perfect for that night. My costume was a makeshift costume...haha I wasn't planning on dressing up but I conformed because everyone else was so I need to too!! It was really fun. I love hanging out with chris's family. We always have a great time in whatever we do.
Our life has been pretty busy lately it seems. With Chris going to school and working and just getting a new assignment to teach an English class in the stake on Thursday nights and me working almost 10-12 hours a day it gets pretty crazy. But, we are loving life besides the cold mornings that I really don't like. I'm really excited for Halloween this year! Halloween is significant because that's really the first time me and Chris really "hung out"!! After that we were inseparable 

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Sarah and Cam said...

Fun! I want to go up there with you next year :) and look how much your hair has grown since that last Halloween!