Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh The Places!!

So, I have had the opportunity to travel alot this summer/fall on...you guessed it.. a Motorcycle!!! It has been the funnest experience ever. Me and my dad and a bunch of others have gone to every national park in Utah including yellowstone, Montana! I have seen so many beautiful things. Its amazing what God has created for us. I hope everyone will travel to the places in utah to see all the pretty nature out there its really amazing and its in our backyards. Here is my story in pictures

Arches National Park

Mesa Verde

Zions National Park

Bryce Canyon

Provo River Upper Falls

Mirror Lake


Ride with Bronco

There were thousands of bikes going to capitol building!!

Yellowstone Falls

Beartooth Pass

The Ranch in Montana

Big Sky

Flaming Gorge

Deadhorse Point
Arches National Park


Julie said...

Whoa! Very impressive, Emily, and great collection of photos documenting the adventure.

McKell + Garrett Hartle said...

i love to see your adventures. it is neat to see you have that to share with your dad.